Spring 2017 CPA - Week 1

Introduction, Police Officer Overview, Communications and Facility Tour

On March 22 we kicked off the Spring 2017 Citizen's Police Academy. After receiving their CPA student manuals and ID cards, the group received a warm welcome from Chief Mark Fleischhauer. The Chief spent a few minutes explaining the history of the program and what the participants had to look forward to in the upcoming 10 weeks.

After some housekeeping and ride-along issues were addressed, Telecommuncator Rick Fanella familiarized the participants with the important role that communications plays in police work. He also touched on the many duties and responsibilities that accompany this vital link in the law enforcement process. The students were able to see what most people can't - the Communications Center.

Officer Courtney Blaul gave a great overview of the examination, hiring and training process for police officers. Naturally, there were many questions (as there will be throughout the 10 weeks). Her presentation laid the foundation for what is to come in future weeks.

Finally, Officer Blaul gave the class a tour of our modern and state-of-the-art facility, including the firearms range and booking/cell area.

Here's a few pictures from week #1: