Pet Microchipping & Scanning

Microchipping Technology

If you are a pet owner, you may already be aware of the microchipping technology that is available for your animal. The process involves the injecting of a small microchip into animal by a veterinarian. If the animal were ever brought to a shelter, the animal would be scanned to reveal the presence of the chip, which contains an identification number.

The Vernon Hills Police Department has one of the scanners. It is a hand-held device that is roughly the size of a television remote control. Any animal that is recovered by the police can be quickly scanned. If the animal has a chip, the scanner will reveal the identification number.

Benefits of Microchipping

This technology will assist us in our ability to get pets returned to their owners, especially if the animal is recovered in a different community.

To have your pet microchipped, contact your veterinarian or the Lake County Health Department Animal Control at 847-949-9925.

Pet Clinic

On May 11, 2019 we hosted a Pet Vaccination and Microchip Clinic