Vehicle and Garage Security

An Unlocked Car = An Unlocked Garage = An Unlocked Home

It's easy to forget to close your garage door, but it's even more prevalent in the summer when it's used more.
Not a year goes by when these types of crimes don't occur. Sometimes, an offender will enter unlocked vehicles and used the garage door opener that was in the vehicle to gain access to the garage. 

These crimes should still serve as a notice to everyone the importance of taking basic security steps.  That is, keep your garage door closed and keep your vehicle locked with all valuables out of sight.

Now, what if only the contents of the garage are targeted? Well, technically walking into an open garage and stealing something is considered burglary.  However, regardless of the legalese, it’s an intrusion and a crime. So, it’s always a great idea to keep your overhead garage door closed when you’re not in the immediate area. 

Summer and warm weather present an easy opportunity for thieves to steal items out of an open and/or unlocked garage.  While even small and inexpensive items can be grabbed, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that a refrigerator in the garage might contain a very sought-after – beer.  An unlocked car parked inside a garage is also a potential target.

Check Them Both!

Please, double-check both your car and garage door before you turn in.  Does your garage have a service door?  Many garages do, especially those that are detached from the home. If the answer is yes, keep it locked also.

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