Fall 2021 CPA - Week 2

Patrol Operations

Officer Bill Ershen gave the CPA participants a great presentation on the function of police patrols - the "meat and potatoes" of law enforcement. 

In addition to patrolling the village, officers have a variety of responsibilities which may include responding to criminal calls and enforcing traffic laws. Additionally, patrol officers handle a wide variety of public service calls.  

Officers Ershen covered everything that a patrol officer does, from catching animals to responding to a homicide.

Many patrol officers also have a specialty assignment such as Youth Officer, Evidence Technician, Crash Investigator and FTO (Field Training Officer). 

It was a great presentation (and discussion) and a very informative evening for the participants.  In fact, we think the participants received almost as much information in two hours as a new officer receives in one month of training. 

Officer Bill Ershen shares the challenges of a patrol officer.