Fall 2021 CPA - Week 4

Use of Force and Firearms

For this week and next, the class was split in half.  Half learned about the use of force, while the other half went into the firearms range.

Due to the potentially violent nature of crime, police officers always face the risk of injury and/or death if they are not prepared for conflict. Commander Andy Jones showed some of the methods used by officers of the Vernon Hills Police Department to protect themselves and members of the community from physical harm, both minor and violent.

This week also focused on the ultimate use of force for any police officer - the discharge of a firearm. Training in this area is essential for the split-second decision-making possibility an officer may face. Accuracy is not luck; it is a product of hard work and practice. Participants had a full lesson devoted to the application of techniques and intricacies of safe handling, trigger control and officer safety, as well as testing several Department weapons. The instructors for this lesson were Sergeant Rob Caselli and Officer  Dan Mead.

Commander Andy Jones demonstrating handcuffing.


Commander Jones demonstrates the Taser.


Sergeant Rob Caselli makes sure that things go well with this CPA member's shooting.


A CPA member watches as Commander Jones shows the proper way to hold the baton.


Commander Jones demonstrates his searching technique..


A CPA member shoots under the watchful eye of Sergeant Rob Caselli.


A CPA Member demonstrates his shooting abilities.