Trick-Or-Treat Hours and Safety Tips

Halloween is a fun time for both children and adults of all ages.  However, it is also a time for everyone, including drivers, to be extra careful.  Drivers need to keep in mind that young children will be very excited while trick-or-treating.  Drivers should also remember to abide by the Illinois law pertaining to the use of hand-held electronic communication devices (cell phones). Combine that with costumes and headwear that might be bulky or awkward, and there is a potentially dangerous situation. 
The members of the Vernon Hills Police Department want everyone to have a good time during Halloween, but also ask that it be done in a safe and law-abiding way.  The first thing that parents should remember is that in Vernon Hills the hours for trick-or-treating have been designated as Wednesday, October 31, from 4 to 8 p.m.
The department’s Crime Prevention Unit has also provided some simple, common sense suggestions for both adults and children.
1)         Children should be instructed not to accept rides with strangers or older children not known to them and their parents.
2)        An adult should accompany very young children.
3)         Trick-or-treat visits should be confined to your own immediate neighborhood.
4)        Children should be advised not to enter any home unless it is one of a relative or known friend.
5)         Do not invite trick-or-treaters into your home.

6)      Children should be instructed to be courteous and respectful of the property of           others.
7)        When planning on a costume, keep in mind that long costumes and high-heeled shoes may be unsafe when climbing stairs and crossing streets.
8)      Think about using make-up instead of wearing a mask, which can obstruct vision.9)         Light colored, non-flammable costumes should be worn and a flashlight should be carried to be seen after dark..
10)      Children should be aware of pets.  Some costumes may excite animals.  
11)      Keep your porch light and/or driveway light on.
12)      Children should be careful of traffic.  Also, adults who are out driving should exercise extreme caution during trick-or-treat hours.
13)      Children should be instructed to wait until they return home before eating any of their treats.  Parents should check all candy and treats thoroughly.  Throw away all unwrapped or loosely wrapped candy, fruit and anything that just doesn’t look right.

All citizens should also remember to call 911 immediately if anyone or anything suspicious is observed. 
Anyone with questions can contact the Crime Prevention Unit either by calling (847) 247-4889 or via the department’s web site -

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