Vernon Hills Police Provide Tips For Surviving A Tornado

According to the Illinois Emergency Management Agency, on average, 50 tornadoes occur each year in Illinois. The majority have occurred between April 1 and June 30. If you lived in the Chicago area in 1967 (and are old enough), you might remember the devastating tornadoes that struck that April. So now is a good time to insure that you and your family members fully understand the correct safety precautions. The Vernon Hills Police Department has passed along the following information to aid in keeping you and your loved ones alive and safe from the fury of a tornado.
A tornado “watch” means that conditions are right for a tornado to occur. A “warning” means that a tornado has been detected. In Vernon Hills, the emergency warning sirens are activated in the event of a tornado warning. In addition, Vernon Hills’ residents who have signed up for emergency alerts via the Blackboard Connect system will also receive notification. Vernon Hills' residents should also keep in mind that the Village DOES NOT give an "all clear" signal.  The best thing to do is monitor local radio and television stations.
An often-heard myth is that windows should be opened before a tornado strikes. This is not true.  Opened windows allow damaging winds to enter the structure. Leave the windows alone and go to a safe place immediately. Here are the correct things to do upon hearing a warning siren or receiving an emergency alert:
- Move to a pre-designated shelter.
- Go to the basement or interior parts of the building on the lowest level.
- Get under a sturdy piece of furniture.
            - Stay away from windows.
- If caught outdoors, lie flat in a ditch, ravine, culvert or any spot low to the ground.
- People in automobiles are at greater risk. If in a vehicle, do not try to outrun the   
  tornado. Leave the vehicle immediately and seek shelter.
            - Protect your head.
Residents who would like information regarding the Blackboard Connect system can contact the Vernon Hills Police Department Crime Prevention Unit at (847) 247-4889.

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