DATE: June 20, 2019
TO: Affected Customers in the New Century Town & Greggs Landing section of Vernon Hills, Forest Haven, and Mettawa

FROM: Rodney Worden, Director

We had a mechanical failure at one of our reservoirs in the Vernon Water System. As a result, you may have experienced water loss or low water pressure. The problem has been resolved and water service/water pressure was restored.

As a precaution, a Boil Order notice was issued, and bacteriological samples were collected to verify the quality of the drinking water supply.

Water samples have been confirmed to be free of coliform bacteria by a certified laboratory. You may return to normal use of your water service. In addition, the repairs to the CLCJAWA water main was completed and the water restriction notice has been lifted.

Please call 847-377-7500 if you have any question(s). Lake County Public Works apologizes for any inconvenience and thank you for your patience.

Rodney Worden
Lake County Public Works

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