Firearm Responsibility and Firearm Trigger Lock Ordinances

Gun Owner Responsibility

It is of the utmost importance that anyone who owns a firearm understands that it is a responsibility that must never be taken lightly. Gun owners must always be absolutely certain that the weapon is always completely safe and secure from any possible misuse by family members and others.

Responsibility Around a Child

This responsibility is even more crucial when children are in the home. Whether it is the result of poor judgment, forgetfulness, or simply human error, a mistake can be tragic. Nothing should be left to chance. Along these lines, many years ago the Vernon Hills Village Board passed two ordinances pertaining to firearms.

Firearm Ordinances

The first firearm ordinance #14-4 pertains to weapon and firearm responsibility. Basically, this ordinance makes it unlawful for any parent, legal guardian, or other person 18 years of age or older to willfully, knowingly, or recklessly allow any minor under the age of 18 to come into unsupervised possession of weapons (as defined within the ordinance).

The second firearm ordinance, #14-5, requires that all firearms sold, transferred, or possessed within Vernon Hills have installed a protective trigger lock in accordance with the ordinance. 

Read ordinances 14-4 and 14-5.

Free Gun Locks

As a way to assist residents in keeping their firearms safe, the police department offers free gun locks to any Vernon Hills resident. Two locks per household are available.

Gun lock 1

The locks can be picked up at the Vernon Hills Police Department Records Section window, 740 Lakeview Parkway. The locks are typically available for pick-up Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.

No identification is required when picking them up and no one who requests the locks will be questioned as to their residency.

If you have any questions regarding the above ordinances, gun locks or arranging an alternate pick-up time, please contact the Crime Prevention Unit at 847-247-4889.

Record Keeping

Do you need an easy, concise way to keep a record of your firearm(s). If, so, here's something that can help - a Personal Firearms Record form that has been supplied by the ATF.