Pond and treesDivision Overview

The Engineering Division is a division of the Public Works Department and is responsible for overseeing the construction of the Village’s public infrastructure, reviews new development, maintains Village records, financial guarantees and maps, and administers grant awards.

The division prepares proposals, specifications and construction contracts for Village Board approval. The division inspects all public and many private infrastructure improvements including drainage, streets, water and sewers. The division commonly contracts for the design and construction of new infrastructure or reviews the installation of capital facilities paid for by private parties.

CapitalPaved Road Improvement

The Engineering Division annually updates and implements the Village’s Capital Improvement Program. Engineering capital improvements are large scale, high cost, physical assets such as streets, drainage facilities, water lines and sewer lines.

Each year the Engineering Division prepares a Capital Improvements Program (CIP) that presents a proposed 5 year schedule of future capital projects in order of priority together with cost estimates and anticipated means of financing. Some capital projects may be new while others may be a maintenance item such as periodic road resurfacing or sewer replacement.

Department Collaboration

The Engineering Division also works with other Village departments on issues such as drainage, annexations and reviews all new large scale development in the Village. The Engineering Division enforces watershed development, isolated wetland ordinances, and the land development code.

The Village Engineer reviews all watershed development applications and issues permits for those projects that comply with the provisions of the ordinances. In addition, the division seeks to find engineering solutions to past problems such as localized flooding, inadequate utilities or transportation congestion and safety.