Mission Statement & Values

Mission Statement

The mission of the Vernon Hills Police Department is to...
protect life and property;
preserve a peaceful community;
prevent, detect and investigate crimes;
justly enforce laws; and
protect the rights of all persons.


We believe that law enforcement has its foundation values. To fulfill our mission we are committed to:
  • Acknowledging our responsibility to the citizens of Vernon Hills, our source of authority
  • Performing our duties within the spirit and the letter of our laws and constitution
  • Remaining sensitive to human needs and treating each person with respect, compassion, and dignity
  • Approaching each situation as unique and responding creatively with empathy and prudent use of discretion
  • Promoting mutual trust between the department and the citizens and institutions of Vernon Hills
  • Enhancing safety and a feeling of security for our residents
  • Fostering a quality work environment that encourages open communications and affords trust, respect, and support for each member
Shared Principles