Inoperable Vehicles

Throughout the year, we frequently receive complaints from residents regarding inoperable and abandoned vehicles within the community. We investigate each complaint thoroughly, to the extent that the ordinance allows. In fact, as part of their daily routine, our Community Service Officers routinely investigate such situations whenever they see them. We’re sure you agree that this needs to be done in order to keep Vernon Hills looking as tidy as possible. We’d like all residents to be familiar with the ordinance, as well as what police department action might be expected.
Wreckked Car
The village ordinance (#22-566) definition of an inoperable motor vehicle is very comprehensive and is much too lengthy to include here. Basically, the vehicle is considered inoperable if, for seven days the license plates are removed or a part(s) of the vehicle has been removed or altered so that the vehicle is incapable of being driven under its own power.

When any vehicle on public (or private) property is deemed inoperable, the owner is given a notice to remove it within seven days. If it is not moved, the police department may have it removed at the owner's expense and/or the owner could be cited and required to appear in court.

Call (847)247-4889 or send us an e-mail if you have any questions. Thank you for helping to keep Vernon Hills a great looking community in which to live, work and play!

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