Mailbox Damages

Reporting a Damaged MailboxMailbox

The Village of Vernon Hills' Snow and Ice Policy indicates that Public Works is responsible for plowing snow from the streets when two inches or more of snow has accumulated. To accomplish this task, the Village plows snow curb to curb, which means the run-off snow or plow blade may come in contact with mailboxes. Public Works crews will repair any damage to mailboxes caused by Village snowplows. If proof is available that damage was caused by Village snowplows, mailboxes will be temporarily repaired within 24 hours after notification, or a temporary mailbox will be issued until a permanent repair can be made in Spring. Reporting a damaged mailbox should be made immediately to the Public Works Department following the snow event in which the damage occurred. Please do not wait until the snow has melted, or Winter is over to report damage. The deadline to report any type of mailbox damage, or to provide the Village with your chosen repair option is April 15th. Permanent repairs will be made when weather permits. For more information about replacement options and reimbursement for damaged mailboxes, please refer to the Village's Mailbox and Installation Guidelines.

Mailbox Inventory

Each Fall the Public Works Department conducts a Village-wide inventory to determine what mailboxes are in need of repair, those that require replacement, or those mailboxes that necessitate a simple adjustment. Public Works notifies residents of these pre-existing damages in writing prior to the first snow fall. Residents are asked to make the appropriate repairs and contact Public Works at 847-367-3726 for re-inspection. Residents who fail to do so may not request reimbursement if damage occurs to their mailbox as a result of snow plowing.