Current Projects

Hawthorn Mall Redevelopment

There's so much going on with Hawthorn Mall, it has it's own page!
The Hawthorn Mall Redevelopment is being guided by the Melaniphy & Associates Retail Market Study & Store Strategy Analysis

Cuneo Mansion Property PUD

  • Located at 1350 Milwaukee Ave on the Cuneo/Loyola Mansion & Gardens property
  • 128 single family homes on 53 acres of the property
  • Ordinance 2017-014 Approved  March 7, 2017
  • Drone flyover Sept 2018
  • Under construction

South Lake Industrial Center

  • To be located on the former Darling Farm on the west side of Milwaukee Ave between Forest Edge Drive and Corporate Woods Parkway in the Corporate Woods Industrial Park
  • Proposed development will consist of 4 industrial warehouse/office buildings totaling 904,523 sq ft
  • Pending review and Village Board approval

Mellody Farms Mixed Use Development

  • Located on the NE Corner of Milwaukee Ave and Route 60
  • 268,000 sf retail and 260 residential units
  • Approved Nov 15, 2016 Ordinance 2016-045
  • Under construction

Woodland Chase

Hawthorn District 73 Kindergarten

  • To be located at 635 N Aspen Drive
  • The VHPD Sullivan Center will be expanded to accommodate the addition
  • Approved February 19, 2019  Ordinance 2019-025
  • Under Construction

Gardner Preschool

  • To be located at 3 Phillip Drive on the former PNC Bank lot
  • Pending review and Village Board approval

Panda Express

  • To be located at  at 252 Townline Road in the Hawthorn Village Commons in the east parking lot
  • Approved June 14, 2018 Ordinance 2109-096
  • Under Construction