Procedure for Recovered and Unclaimed Property

From time-to-time we'll receive an inquiry regarding the disposition of property that we recover, yet are unable to determine ownership. Understandably, everyone is always looking for a "good deal" and would like to purchase unclaimed property.

Of course, there are laws that spell out what we can and cannot do with unclaimed property. Naturally, there some things (such as alcohol and weapons) that must be treated differently.

Finders Keepers?

We make every possible effort to insure that found/recovered property gets returned to its rightful owner. Sometimes we get asked if, we are unable to locate the owner, can the property be given to the person who turned it in. While that would be nice, unfortunately, the answer is no. The law prohibits us from doing so. (Please don't let that keep you from doing the right thing.)

Public Auction

As the needs arises (and in keeping with legal requirements) we turn usable recovered/unclaimed property over to an on-line auction service that specializes in law enforcement and municipal clients. It's called This auction service is open to the public.


Please contact our Property Custodian at (847) 247-4899.