Blackboard Connect

Blackboard Connect.pngThe Vernon Hills Police Department has a great communications tool available to reach the community. It's called Blackboard Connect. It's a mass notification system that allows us to quickly reach anyone at any time in an emergency or other outreach situation.

Depending on whether or not it's directed at a specific geographic area or the entire Village, any Vernon Hills resident (or business) that has a published landline will automatically receive a Blackboard Connect phone call. However, the system will allow for additional phone numbers (such as cell numbers) and email addresses to be used in the event a mass notification is needed. 

Let's use a natural gas leak as an example. In a situation such as this, we can determine what geographic area should be notified. For purposes of this example, if we select a specific geographic area, any published land line within the selected area will receive a call. If the resident within this area has a cell number or email address in the database, those will also be utilized.

If you are a Vernon Hills resident and do not have a published land line, you are encouraged to enter your information into the system. Likewise, if you do have a published phone number, you can sign up and add additional contact information (cell number and email addresses).

Click here to access the Blackboard Connect system.

If you have any questions just send us an email.